Travel Medicine and Vaccination Clinic Services  

1. Travel Medicine Consult

  • A review of your medical history to identify any potential illness that may put you at risk for foreign travel.

  • Current and up-to-date information on the destination of choice.

  • Information on avoiding common travel illnesses and diseases.

  • Preventative medications and treatments.

  • Vaccination requirements, recommendations, and administration

  • Review of some safety and crime prevention measures.

2. Vaccine Administration

  • Patients who decline a consult may purchase vaccinations from the Travel Medicine Clinic. Vaccination fees include administration. A consent form must be completed at that time.

  • Vaccinations purchased elsewhere will be subject to an administration fee.

3. Travel Medicine Prescriptions

  • A minimum fee of $30.00 will be charged to anyone requesting a written prescription without having had a consult.

  • Travel Medicine clinic visits and vaccines are not covered by MSI. Mastercard, Visa, Interac and cash are accepted.

  • We do not direct bill private insurance companies. Detailed receipts are provided upon payment. Questions regarding reimbursement should be directed towards your plan provider before your visit.