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Chemical Peels FAQ's
What are Chemical Peels?
Slow or irregular cell turnover helps contribute to many  common skin problems.  Chemical peels contain active ingredients that stimulate the shedding of the top layer of the epidermis. When the dead skin cells are removed, a new layer of skin is produced, that’s fresh and rejuvenated giving an appearance of younger healthier skin.  

Why choose Chemical Peels?
A chemical peel is an affordable, fast, relatively painless (comparable to a sunburn) treatment that makes a visible difference in the texture of the skin.  

What conditions do chemical peels help treat?

Chemical peels are proven effective in treating problems with acne, hyperpigmentation, and dull, wrinkled skin.  

What benefits can you expect to see after having a chemical peel?
Chemical peels provide the following benefits: the smoothing of fine lines, reduction in sebum overproduction and acne breakouts, the fading of age spots and other pigmentation and an overall smoother, healthier and brighter texture.  

What are the side effects of chemical peels?

Common side effects include tightness, a stinging sensation, redness, and symptoms similar to a sunburn.  The severity of the side effects depends on the strength of the peel. With lighter peels symptoms usually subside within a couple of days.  For deeper peels, the side effects are the same but last longer, up to a week or more.  Anytime the skin is damaged, even with a chemical peel, scarring is a risk. Generally if appropriate care is administered, the risk of scarring is very minimal.  For the most part, side effects of chemical peels are handled very well by the majority of individuals.   

How much are chemical peels?
Chemical peels range in price from $100 to $160 depending on the type of peel required.  
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